Visiting Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont

Green Mountain College

If you are an alumni, the parents of a student, attending an event at the college or someone looking at Green Mountain College for a future opportunity – The Panorama Motel is the perfect place to stay while you are visiting the college.

I went to the Green Mountain College website to try to gather some info on why someone would want to go to this college and found the following awards posted:

green mountain college awards

I often walk in the town of Poultney, Vermont and this is the view of the college from the gates:

Green Mountain College

I found this poll funny… but since there were only 9 participants – it is not too reliable. green mountain college reviewsThere are 246 reviews of Green Mountain College on with the majority of those reviews average or above.

One review at is very detailed  and I think anyone looking at attending Green Mountain College should take a look at it.

There are always events going on at the college – for a list of events at Green Mountain College, follow this link.

We hope that if you are going to visit Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont that you will consider staying at the Panorama Motel. 

Please be aware that events like Parent’s weekend, graduation, alumni weekend and open houses fill up fast.  Reserve your room early!

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  1. Elizabeth Frame

    My husband & I took a motorcycle trip up the east coast several years ago & we knew we probably wouldn’t find a place to stay that night . Then out of the blue here was this motel up on a countryside hill. It was a beautiful sight as we were dead tired from riding all day.A lady (owner)came out to greet us & was exceptionally polite, nice, & helpful. She told us of a great place to eat seafood, which was delicious! The rooms were clean & service exceptional. If it is still owed by the same people a(as it says on the website) it is worth stopping there. Wish we would have had more time . We would have stayed a few days. The view is truly panoramic& lives up to the name. I would definitely recommend this motel.

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